Sunday, March 7, 2010

I want to be like him

The following question was asked at the University of Copenhagen in a physics exam:
“”Describe how to determine the height of a skyscraper with a barometer.”
One student replied:
“You tie a long piece of string to the neck of the barometer, then lower the barometer from the roof of the skyscraper to the ground. The length of the string plus the length of the barometer will equal the height of the building.”
This highly original answer so incensed the examiner that the student was failed immediately. He appealed on the grounds that his answer was indisputably correct, and the university appointed an independent arbiter to decide the case. The arbiter judged that the answer was indeed correct, but did not display any noticeable knowledge of physics. To resolve the problem it was decided to call the student in and allow him six minutes in which to provide a verbal answer which showed at least a minimal familiarity with the basic principles of physics. For five minutes the student sat in silence, forehead creased in thought. The arbiter reminded him that time was running out, to which the student replied that he had several extremely relevant answers, but couldn’t make up his mind which to use. On being advised to hurry up the student replied as follows:
“Firstly, you could take the barometer up to the roof of the skyscraper, drop it over the edge, and measure the time it takes to reach the ground. The height of the building can then be worked out from the formula H = 0.5g x t squared. But bad luck on the barometer.
“Or if the sun is shining you could measure the height of the barometer, then set it on end and measure the length of its shadow. Then you measure the length of the skyscraper’s shadow, and thereafter it is a simple matter of proportional arithmetic to work uut the height of the skyscraper.
“But if you wanted to be highly scientific about it, you could tie a short piece of string to the barometer and swing it like a pendulum, first at ground level and then on the roof of the skyscraper. The height is worked out by the difference in the gravitational restoring force T = 2 pi sqrroot (l/g).
“Or if the skyscraper has an outside emergency staircase, it would be easier to walk up it and mark off the height of the skyscraper in barometer lengths, then add them up.
“If you merely wanted to be boring and orthodox about it, of course, you could use the barometer to measure the air pressure on the roof of the skyscraper and on the ground, and convert the difference in millibars into feet to give the height of the building.
But since we are constantly being exhorted to exercise independence of mind and apply scientific methods, undoubtedly the best way would be to knock on the janitor’s door and say to him ‘If you would like a nice new barometer, I will give you this one if you tell me the height of this skyscraper’.”
The student was Nils Bohr, the first Dane to win the Nobel prize for Physics.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Have a laugh =)

Father: I want you to marry a girl of my choice

Son: "I will choose my own bride!"

Father: "But the girl is Bill Gate's daughter."

Son: "Well, in that case...ok"

Next Father approaches Bill Gates.

Father: "I have a husband for your daughter."

Bill Gates: "But my daughter is too young to marry!"

Father: "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."

Bill Gates: "Ah, in that case...ok"

Finally Father goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Father: "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president."

President: "But I already have more vice- presidents than I need!"

Father: "But this young man is Bill Gate's son-in-law."

President: "Ah, in that case...ok"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Am I busy?

Andy Murray defeated Cilic 3-1 just then =) and Justine Henin beat Zhang Jie 6-1 6-0, going through to the finals against Serena Williams.
Tsonga vs Federer tomorrow night, gonna be a great match. I reckon tsonga would give fed a hard time but let's hope he can made it through to the finals to meet Andy Murray.
Won't be using the internet till next Friday =( Residential Camp next Tuesday, let's hope it's fun. School's starting in 3 days. Big day tomorrow, plenty of stuff to do. let's hope I can get my holiday homeworks done in time. Seriously, tennis at the last 2 weeks of school holidays isn't really a great idea =S. Bye, gonna dismantle my desk.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Australian Open 2010

I went to the Australian Open on day 2. Received lots of free stuffs =) and had a great time. It's my first time up so close with these great players.

The first match I saw was the Ana Ivanovic(20) in Margaret court playing her 1st round against some unseeded women. She won, of course =) too bad I didn't take some pictures of her.

Saw Marcos Baghdatis(31) training after that:

Great tennis player. Retired while playing with Lleyton Hewitt(22) on round 3 though due to shoulder injury I think. They played an awesome game during the 2008 Open. Down to the fifth set, which Hewitt won after 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Watched this guy next, I don't know who he is but at least he won, right?


We watched Olivia Rogowska play after that, the only Aussie game, the others were located at Rod Laver Arena and Hisense Arena, where the tickets are expensive =( Fricking linesman ruled 3 balls which were supposed to be out as in!! She lost the match 1-2 to the other player. Life just isn't fair sometimes. If she was playing at Hisense or Rod Laver where she can challenge the linesman's call, she would have won.

there's always a next time...

We were walking around collecting free stuff when I saw JUSTINE HENIN, I was like omfg!! She was world number 1 when she retired in 2008. She starts playing again in 2009. Can't wait to watch her play in the Semi's. I bet she'll be back in the top 5 in no time =) anyways, I was like 1 meter away from her when she was giving away autographs. The line was too long so I just kept moving...

I should probably start doing my homework now =S

to KJ: sorry I'm a day too late =P